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Types of Braces?

To perform an orthodontic treatment, there are different types of brackets such as lingual, Invisalign (removable) and self-ligating. Among the most used ones, we can find:

  • Metal braces: They are the most commonly used. They are made of high-grade stainless steel, which allows you to straighten your teeth using brackets and metal arches. Additionally, you have the option to add colored elastics for a unique and more colorful smile.
  • Aesthetic braces: They are ceramic brackets that are made of transparent material and therefore, are less visible than metal ones. For this reason, they are used for teenagers and adult patients who have cosmetic concerns about their orthodontic treatment.

Who Is a Candidate for Braces?

If you do not have a perfectly aligned smile, either from multiple factors such as family inheritance, bad habits, (like using a pacifier or sucking your thumb during childhood). abundant consumption of sweets, or other periodontal diseases that move the teeth, your dentist will most likely advise you to get braces or any other orthodontic treatment he considers suitable for you.

What Problems Can Braces Correct?

  • Prognathism: The lower jaw protrudes past the upper jaw, causing overbite.
  • Retrognathism: This is the opposite case, the upper jaw is located a bit more outward than the lower jaw.
  • Open bite: When closing the mouth, there is a space between the teeth that prevents them from joining (as well as the lips).
  • Crossbite: The upper teeth protrude over the lower ones.
  • Edge to edge bite: This dental problem is the combination of a crossbite and a regular bite. Therefore, it is not as severe as the previous deformation, since it only causes the cusps of the teeth to contact at their edges.
  • Covered bite: When the upper teeth cover more than half of the lower teeth when closing the mouth (sometimes rubbing the gums)
  • Diastemas: Separation between teeth.

Benefits of Braces

There are two main benefits from performing an orthodontic treatment like braces. The first one is the correct and complete chewing of foods. Thanks to the use of braces, the teeth align themselves, normalizing the position and size of the jaw and maxilla, allowing teeth to fit well between them. The second benefit is to achieve a better smile and, therefore, improve self-confidence by having straight and healthy teeth.

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