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Dentist in Granada Hills Offers Orthodontic Treatments

Dentist in Granada Hills Offers Orthodontic Treatments

Correcting misalignment can make your smile look much, much better. However, a pleasing aesthetic is not the only benefit of orthodontic care. Here, we will look at some of the other very important reasons to move forward with the teeth-straightening method that is right for you.

Straighter teeth are healthier teeth

When teeth are crooked, deep crevices may develop in between them. Overlapping teeth present the obvious concern of plaque and tartar buildup where two teeth meet. The more hiding places there are for oral bacteria, the more susceptible you are to oral disease. Bacteria are living organisms that you cannot directly see on your teeth and gums. What you see is the result of their acidic byproduct. This may look like inflammation, redness, sores, or pus on or beneath the gums. It may be felt as a toothache or throbbing pain that stems from infection at the core of a tooth or teeth. When teeth are straightened, these hiding places and deep crevices gradually disappear, making it easier to care for the mouth as a whole.

A better bite is good for the jaw

Some methods of straightening teeth focus only on aesthetics, or the way teeth line up one against another. This may be appropriate in some cases, but it's not right for everyone. We are proud to offer traditional orthodontic care to patients in the Granada Hills area, as well as aligner methods of teeth straightening. Prior to treatment, it is important to assess not only how teeth are aligned, but also how opposing teeth meet. A bad bite is one in which upper teeth do not line up with lower teeth. Under such circumstances, the jaw must work harder when food is chewed. Ultimately, the excessive stress can cause dysfunction in the ligaments, muscles, and joints of the jaw. We call this TMJ disorder. Patients call it painful.

Teeth could be an injury-risk

Protruded front teeth can cause a person to feel embarrassed about his or her appearance. Teeth that stick out too far forward can also be hazardous, especially in children due to their inclination for higher-contact activities. "Buck teeth" are an indication of a bad bite, in which at least some teeth do not fit together well. This can cause the secondary problem of digestive issues and poor absorption of nutrients due to the lack of breakdown of food in the mouth.

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