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How to Prevent the Need for Braces

Dentist in Granada Hills Offers Orthodontic Treatments

Dr. Gohar Hovespyan of Viva Smile is a Granada Hills dentist who provides a myriad of dental solutions for new and existing patients. Many parents who bring their children into the practice are often worried that their child may, at some point, require braces. Braces can be expensive and a time-consuming ordeal. Parents often want to be prepared, and may ask what they can do to help prevent their children from requiring braces. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done.

Misalignment of the teeth can be caused by a variety of issues

It can be the result of losing baby teeth too soon—or too late. It can be genetic. It is often unpredictable as there are so many factors that are involved in the need for orthodontic work. Therefore, monitoring the oral health is the best way to decide if orthodontics are needed. Even a smile with minor misalignment may be at risk for problems down the road such as uneven wear and tear on the teeth caused by an overbite, underbite, or cross bite.

Dr. Gohar Hovespyan and her team are proud to offer orthodontic evaluations. If determined that braces are advantageous, she can recommend various treatments.

Her practice offers several orthodontic options including:

  • Traditional braces – metal bracket and wire braces may still be the best solution, especially for patients with moderate to severe misalignment of the natural teeth.
  • Inman Aligner – using Inman aligners can eliminate the need for orthodontics and is best suited for mild misalignment.
  • Invisalign – using clear plastic aligner trays, patients can gradually reposition their teeth in a more discreet manner than traditional braces.

Patients in Granada Hills, CA who are seeking a dentist for an evaluation are welcome to contact the practice of Viva Smile. Dr. Gohar Hovsepyan and her team can discuss with patients the possible need for orthodontic work now or in the future to prepare them for upcoming treatment options. Call (818) 900-2800 to schedule an appointment at her practice located at 17630 Chatsworth Street.

Location: 17630 Chatsworth St. Granada Hills, CA 91344

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