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Viva Smile dentists specialize in orthodontics in order to help treat patients that have problems like overcrowding, protruding teeth, misalignments, tooth gaps and more. There is no reason for you to go another day without the smile of your dreams, so call us today for your appointment and restore your confidence!

Inman Aligner

Our dentists are Inman Aligner Certified and treat patients in Granada Hills. This revolutionary treatment provides an effective solution for various dental issues in a fraction of the time. It is best used in conjunction with cosmetic dental procedures for the best results. Inman Aligners requires no shots, drills, harsh metal that is fixed on your teeth and absolutely no down time so it’s a great option for many of our patients.

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Contrary to the belief of many, braces can be used in patients of all ages although they are most popular amongst our youngest patients. Traditional braces provide an effective solution to most orthodontic problems like overcrowding, gaps between teeth, misalignments and more. A typical treatment with braces can be completed anywhere from 6 to 18 months depending on the condition of your teeth.

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Invisalign is a popular option for working adults since this kind of orthodontic treatment is virtually undetectable! The treatment involves a series of clear trays that can be easily removed for eating and cleaning which provides comfort and convenience to the patient that is using them because they do not have any kind of uncomfortable metals that cause irritation.

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