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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Do you love to start your morning with a steaming cup of coffee? Is red wine your go-to dinner beverage? These are just two reasons why your smile may not shine as brightly as it once did. In fact, discoloration is something that is pretty difficult to avoid. We all love to admire the sparkling smiles of Hollywood stars, but when it comes to our own smile, we may not meet the same standard of beauty. If you want to, you can! A radiant smile is not hard to come by. In fact, you can have that gorgeous smile in less than an hour if you so choose.

Options for Teeth Whitening

Patients of Viva Smile can choose professional teeth whitening to be performed right here in our Granada Hills office. We use the Zoom! Whitening System, which is comfortable, convenient, and fast. The process works by applying the professional grade whitening gel directly onto teeth, and then activating the peroxide solution with light. The streamlined process may be repeated a few times during that office visit. The primary benefit of Zoom! whitening is that we do all the work, and you leave our office with a great new smile.

The most common option for teeth whitening chosen by our Granada Hills patients is tray whitening, which can be conducted at home. There are benefits to home whitening that differ from in-office treatment, such as the ability to control sensitivity by adjusting the frequency of application. Whitening at home lets you gradually brighten the color of your teeth, and also maintain your ideal shade with periodic touch-ups as needed.

Benefits of a Brighter Smile

If you're considering having your teeth whitened, you probably already know one of the biggest benefits: you will have more confidence when you smile! While there are many more benefits of a bright smile, the sense of satisfaction you feel trumps them all. According to research, a beautiful smile looks younger and friendlier, and that can have a notable effect on your professional success, and even on your romantic life.

Zoom Whitening and It Benefits?

Zoom teeth whitening is the most scientifically advanced tooth whitening procedure. It is safe, effective and incredibly fast. In just one appointment, you can whiten your teeth spectacularly! It’s ideal for everyone, especially for busy people who are looking forward to getting immediate results.

5 Benefits of Zoom Teeth Whitening:

  • It’s faster. In 45 minutes, more or less, (without including the after-checkup and cleaning) you will leave your dentist’s office with a new look.
  • It’s effective.
  • It’s safe.
  • There are usually no dental sensitivity problems.
  • Better results than regular teeth whitening procedures.

Is It Time to Revamp Your Smile with Professional Whitening?

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