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The Risks of Tongue Thrusting as Described by Dentist in Granada Hills

The Risks of Tongue Thrusting as Described by Dentist in Granada Hills

Visiting a dentist in Granada Hills, California and receiving a diagnosis of tongue thrusting can be confusing for patients. Oftentimes this condition is noticeable more often in children. Tongue thrusting is when the tongue does not rest properly in the mouth. It can cause patients to swallow differently and experience problems with speaking clearly. However, it is treatable with the help of a qualified dental team. Drs. Gohar Hovsepyan and Karen Baghdasaryan of Viva Smile work regularly with children and adults who have been diagnosed with tongue thrusting and are unsure as to how to treat it.

Tongue thrusting problems

There are several issues that may be derived from tongue thrusting. The teeth may move in abnormal positions in the dental arch and can lead to poor jaw development. Patients with tongue thrusting may also have atypical swallowing patterns and speech issues such as a lisp. Getting appropriate treatment as soon as a diagnosis is made is the best option for patients to consider.

Tongue thrusting treatment

The best treatment for tongue thrusting is speech therapy, which integrates in exercises for children and/or adults to perform to help them “relearn” how to properly swallow. Educating the patient on how to rest their tongue or use their tongue when speaking certain words is a great way to train the patient to naturally eliminate their tongue thrusting issue. Some patients may also benefit from an oral appliance to help with keeping the jaw aligned and the tongue down while resting.

Tongue thrusting should be addressed as soon as possible with an experienced dental provider. Drs. Gohar Hovsepyan and Karen Baghdasaryan of Viva Smile in Granada Hills, California work with patients to provide appropriate treatment to reduce the future risks associated with this condition. Viva Smile is located at 17630 Chatsworth Street and can be reached by phone at (818) 900-2800. Contact them today for an initial evaluation and to learn about treatment options available.

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