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Waterpik or Dental Floss: Which Is Better?

Waterpik or Dental Floss: Which Is Better?

Visiting a dentist is more than just x-rays, cleanings, and dental fillings. A quality dental staff will support patients in achieving and maintaining their dental health with oral hygiene education. Drs. Gohar Hovsepyan and Karen Baghdasaryan of Viva Smile in Granada Hills, CA provide patients with the opportunity to ask questions about brushing and flossing.

Using a waterpik with brushing and flossing

Home oral health care habits can play an important role in keeping the smile healthy and beautiful. Patients are often asking about dental floss and how it compares to the use of a waterpik. Waterpiks are readily available for patients who are seeking a more effective way of addressing food particles between the teeth. However, waterpiks alone are unable to remove plaque. They only rinse the area. Waterpiks are better than not flossing at all, but they should be combined with a regular routine of using dental floss as well to ensure a healthier smile. Waterpiks are still an advantageous way of cleaning the smile alongside traditional brushing and flossing.

We care for your oral health

Patients unsure of how to care for their smile are encouraged to ask questions during their dental checkups. This is a great time for patients to ask about the health of their bones, soft tissues, and teeth, and discuss any concerns they may have with their smile. Our staff does not judge. We educate patients so they have the knowledge to address common dental concerns and proactively care for the teeth and gums. Dental health is all about prevention—avoiding the problems that arise due to poor oral health care. Periodontal disease and cavities are both completely preventable when patients take good care of their smile with regular dental visits alongside brushing and flossing after every meal.

Ready for a dental cleaning?

Drs. Gohar Hovsepyan and Karen Baghdasaryan and the team of Viva Smile in Granada Hills, CA encourage patients to take the time to learn about the best ways to care for their smiles. Call their practice today to make an appointment at (818) 900-2800 or personally visit at 17630 Chatsworth Street. Our staff welcomes new and existing patients, and encourages individuals to build a positive relationship with our staff for comprehensive dental cares.

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