Viva Smile in Granada Hills is the first Digital Smile Design (DSD) clinic in Los Angeles, CA. DSD is the world’s most advanced dental protocol and we’re proud to be at its frontier. Be one of the first people in the world to get a holistic treatment plan, 3D printed mock-up and smile transformation done in collaboration with the DSD Lab and Planning Center.

What is Digital Smile Design (DSD)?

Digital Smile Design is a treatment planning protocol that combines cutting-edge dental technology with the collective intelligence of world-class dentists and technicians. The DSD team studies facial features and uses virtual simulations to plan procedures from A-Z. This digital process allows patients to test-drive their smile model before treatment begins and empowers doctors to carry out seamless oral surgeries.

Viva Smile in Granada Hills proudly offers Digital Smile Design in California. Our dental office is honored to be part of this global and exclusive network of dentists that utilize state-of-the-art technology and insights to pioneer modern dentistry. The DSD stamp is your guarantee that we will deliver truly exceptional smile results every single time.



We record your dental information and diagnostic photos using advanced technology.


3D Facial Design

We design your custom-made smile in 3D and in harmony with your facial features.


Digital Treatment Planning

We work with DSD experts to deliver the highest standards of treatment for you.


Smile Test Drive

You will see, feel and approve your new smile design before treatment begins.


Guided Digital Dentistry

You receive the same results that you approved in your treatment plan.

How does Digital Smile Design work?

DSD is a collaboration between Dr. Káren Baghdasaryan and a team of top dentists, technicians and designers. We combine layers of clinical photos, X-rays, CBCT scans and 3D technology to create your digital likeness. Then we use advanced imaging software, surgical simulations and 3D printing to sculpt the perfect smile that captures your essence.

The DSD protocol analyzes your facial structure, teeth, gums, lips, and bilateral symmetry to design teeth suited to your face. Your ideal smile is created virtually so we can print a 3D model of it for you to test drive before the actual procedure. This step lets you see and feel your new smile so you can visualize and customize the final results.

Finally, we use a combination of dental procedures such as orthodontics and dental veneers to bring your new smile to life. No matter what type of treatment is prescribed, you can rest assured that the end result will look amazing!

What is the main difference between traditional smile make-overs and Digital Smile Design?

Becoming a Digital Smile Design clinic requires extensive training and criteria for certification. Joining the DSD network gives us access to world-class technology and involves teamwork with coveted dental specialists. Traditional methods simply cannot match this level of advancement, detail and customization. The DSD process also allows patients to preview their new smile before commiting to a treatment or getting permanent procedures. We use the digital copy of your smile design to print out a temporary 3D model for you to try out. You wear it over your existing teeth and see the final results during a before and after photoshoot. We move on to the clinical step only once you approve the 3D design.

If you’re interested in a smile transformation with Digital Smile Design, contact us today to schedule your consultation. Our Viva Smile team in Granada Hills, CA will be happy to answer any questions regarding your smile makeover!

Digital Smile Design Steps

Digital Smile Design is carried out in 3 stages. It involves a diagnostic appointment, a presentation of the treatment plan, and the actual treatment. Below you’ll find a breakdown for each phase but please note that the last step may entail more than one visit to the dental office depending on the procedures required for achieving your ideal smile results.


Diagnostic Appointment

The first DSD appointment is what we call a diagnostic appointment. When you arrive, we discuss your concerns, take iTERO impressions, CBCT scans, X-Rays, and technical photos for our records. We use imaging software to overlap these files and design your ideal smile on your virtual likeness. We consider your gestures, the way you smile and even your personality to create a smile design that captures you at your best. 


Smile Presentation

Your second DSD appointment is what we call “Vogue Day” or the day you get to test-drive your 3D printed mockup during a fancy photoshoot. You wear a temporary model of your ideal teeth over your existing ones and get to step into the shoes of your future self. We use the before and after images to create a presentation that explains your treatment plan and smile results. Be sure to come photoshoot ready on this exciting day!


Clinical Appointment

The final step of the DSD process is the actual treatment. This may require various procedures depending on the case. It’s a holistic process that addresses  the health, functionality and aesthetics of your teeth. Our aim is to achieve comprehensive and natural-looking results using minimally invasive dental procedures. This may involve clearing cavities, doing orthodontics and placing veneers to craft your ideal smile.