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How Long Does Digital Smile Design Take

How Long Does Digital Smile Design Take


Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a cutting-edge dental process that incorporates the latest technology and techniques to achieve your perfect smile. It overlaps dental and digital imaging technology to create a virtual treatment plan using 3D models of your unique teeth, facial features and gestures. Dentists direct this software to create a prototype of what the mouth should look like after expert dental treatment. The planning phase of DDS takes two appointments, with procedures spanning from days to months, depending upon the complexity of each case. Let’s go over what you can expect from your DSD protocol.


The first step in the digital smile design process is accurately diagnosing your teeth and facial features. This includes taking X-rays and scans to get accurate data on the teeth, gums, jaw structure and face. The DSD clinical appointment doesn’t require typical impressions and measurements of your mouth as these are all done digitally. We only take photos from certain angles along with a video that shows us your natural smile and movements.


This is where top dentists use digital imaging technology to create a 3D smile design of your perfect teeth. Our team uses overlays of technical scans and photographs to visualize your mouth and face. This allows them to make highly informed decisions about treatment plans. Most importantly, it takes into account your face, which was the missing link in dentistry before DSD.


We send your files to a DSD planning center in Madrid, Spain. Our dentist in Granada Hills, Dr. Karen Baghdasaryan, collaborates with a team of top doctors to go over your case in detail. They overlay all the data and come up with a treatment that will yield your ideal smile results. Once the diagnosis has been made, we call you for a second appointment to discuss the desired treatment outcome. Dr. Baghdasaryan and our Digital Smile Design treatment coordinator explain what options are available and how each would affect your smile's overall aesthetic appearance.


During the second appointment, you get to test drive your future smile and see what it will look like before your treatment begins! In this mock-up stage, Dr. Baghdasaryan will use a 3D printer to create a wearable mold of your new smile. Digital Smile Design application requires this essential step because it allows you to visualize the intended results. The ability to preview your new smile with extreme accuracy is a game-changer. This step allows you to take charge of your smile journey and make necessary changes before committing to any treatment.


Once you’ve approved the results, the smile design treatment can begin. It can include multiple steps such as orthodontics through Invisalign, implant dentistry, and cosmetic procedures such as porcelain veneers. During this phase of DSD, Dr. Baghdasaryan will use digital imaging technology to guide the process as he performs the procedures. The virtual protocol combined with guided dentistry achieves results with 90-100% accuracy.


Once the treatment is completed, Dr. Baghdasaryan will evaluate the results of the digital smile makeover. In this step, he will confirm that your new smile meets your expectations and that all dental health needs have been met. By entrusting our Digital Smile Design certified clinic in Granada Hills and our top dentist, you’ll get a functional and healthy smile that’s in harmony with your face.

The complete process of Digital Smile Design effectively ensures that you get a digital smile makeover that’s designed for your unique facial features. You get to be in charge of your goals and co-author your smile with some of the best dentists in the world. We invite you to take the first step and transform your smile with Digital Smile Design at Viva Smile in Granada Hills, CA. We are the only Digital Smile Design Clinic in Los Angeles, giving our dental office the opportunity to access the latest dental technology.

Led by top LA dentist Dr. Baghdasaryan, our dedicated team provides exceptional dental care and high-quality smile-design dentistry. Contact us today to learn more and schedule an appointment. Get ready to show off your perfect smile with Digital Smile Design!